An independently owned and operated tax business takes a significant amount of dedication, preparation, and training. If you are starting a new tax business or looking to grow an existing tax business we understand your necessities and are able to provided exceptional services that will allow you to create your own secure source of income with unlimited potential.

Assurance Tax Software allows you to prepare and e-file individual tax returns on multiple devices from anywhere your business takes you with the easy-to-use interface and intuitive menus.

Bank products, or refund transfers, allow your clients to deduct your tax preparation fees directly from their refund, which means that they will have zero out-of-pocket fees when filing with you.

Our mobile app allows you to reach more clients and prepare tax returns in less time. It allows your clients to safely and securely share tax information with you. You can also chat with your clients in real time from within the app.

Enjoy no limit to the number of tax returns that can be prepared and filed with Assurance Tax Software. We don't charge you per return, so you don't feel limited and can continue to grow your business.

Assurance Tax Software provides year-round support with every software purchase. No additional fees. Also enjoy less than 60 second in-season wait time.

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